Exercise Referrals

NHS Exercise Referral Scheme

Fitness in Torbay is the name of the NHS Exercise Referral Scheme. It is an established programme, set up to increase the number of adults participating in regular moderate intensity activity, to help prevent and improve a wide range of medical conditions including:


• Coronary Heart Disease
• Diabetes
• Mobility and Joint Problems
• Post Operative Rehabilitation
• Normalise Blood pressure
• Alleviate Depression
• Weight Management
• Reduce Stress Levels

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Here at BSC we offer tailored activity programmes personal to your requirements. Our staff are fully trained and qualified to a nationally recognised standard for helping people with various medical conditions. They know the benefits of exercise and understand how your medications may affect your mobility. Our staff will fully support your individual 10 week activity programme.


If you feel the Fitness in Torbay Exercise Referral Scheme could be for you, see your GP or Practice Nurse for a referral form. Provided you have no current medical conditions preventing you from participating they will complete a referral form for you, or refer you onto the Healthy Lifestyles Team for an assessment.


Once you have your referral form, bring it to us and we’ll help with your journey to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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